ZiniTevi APK

ZiniTevi APK is the best Android solution on all movie lovers who are loving to watch movies on their smart phones.Where we suggest on all Android platform users to use this movie streaming freeware to watch latest and old movies,TV shows,cartoons,animated movies with subtitles and other features.

Moreover this streaming application provides its space to downloaded movies indeed.

So you can use ZiniTevi APK to stream Movies on your Apple TV, Google Chromecast,mibox,and other streaming platforms including Android smart TV.

ZiniTevi APK features

-Free movies online and offline watching ability.
-Regularly updating with security features and newly uploaded videos.
-Automatic loading subtitles with multilingual subtitles available.
-Direct downloading videos with full HD video quality.
-Simple and advance navigation system.
-Fast loading speed and downloading speed.
-Small size installation package .
-Single tap video playing mode.

So we do hope that you have gained a well educational guide on this movie streaming application’s ultimate features.

ZiniTevi APK downloading process

-First you must download the APK file using our downloading link.
-After download the APK file please tap to open the downloaded package.
-Then you will be directed to the Unknown Sources and tap to enable.
-Once you enable the Unknown Sources hit the OK and Install.
-Please be patient till the installation process finished up.
-Now you can launch the the application to watch your favourite movies.

Special Features Of ZiniTevi APK

-Can create your favorite movie list.
-Can create watched movie list.
-Change app themes.
-Upcoming Movie news.
-Trending movies and TV shows.

ZiniTevi APK on PC/Laptop

Where you must  connect your all Devices to the same WiFi connection.

Then play a video on your Android phone using ZiniTevi and tap the WiFi icon on the play screen.

Then copy the URL address and past it on your PC or laptop web browser.

Now you can watch your willing movie through your PC or laptop via ZiniTevi APK version.

ZiniTevi APK On Google Chromecast/Android smart TV

Where also you must connect your all Devices to the same WiFi connection.

Then you must play the video on your Smart phone and tap on the Cast icon which shows on the player screen


ZiniTevi APK version is the Android compatible ZiniTevi version which you can use completely for free.

All latest Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons,Animated Movies as well as upcoming Movie trailers also available with fully descriptive movie details.

So hit the download button and just download the application and enjoy your all favorite Movies with ZiniTevi.