Privacy Policy is an educational website which provides tutorial guidelines with necessary downloading links according to the users FAQs.This website is not promoting ZiniTevi application at all.Furthermore we are not selling any product via this website too.

Our privacy policy will show you the way and purpose of collection of your personal data/informations while you are using this website.Very basically we are collecting your personalm informations extremely to provide our service for you we are using your personal informations to improve our service through satisfation.We are collectingpersonal informations from you.

Data Collection

We are collecting your personal informations through our contact form.If you are commenting with us or asking questions regarding this product or its establishment,we collect your name and email address to send you the feedback personally.This website collecting all your personal informations according to the Spanish Laws on the protection of personal data and Regulations(EU) 2016/679.All data will be well protected and will not be misused at all.

Retention Period Of Collected Data

All collected informations will be kept until we provide our complete service on our users.After our service completion we remove all your data from our way with knownly.We do not keep your personal informations during a long time if we hve no connection or a link with your.Without a consent of users we do not keep your data at all.

Consent of users

We collect all needed personal informations from the users with fully consent of users only.Without permision of users we unable to collect informations.Thus users have fully rights to decide whether their personal informations provide or not.

Data Types Collecting

As we previously mentioned , is an educational website only.Therefore we do not collect any credit card details or any other billing informations from users at all.This website is not promoting any application too.Thus we cllect your name & email address only.

Purpose of Data Collection

This website extremely collect your mentioned data types only for your convenience.All you needed feedsbacks will be received soon via your email address.

Cookies Data

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