ZiniTevi iOS Download On iOS 15 With AltServer.

Hi there !

We are back with a quick review about the ZiniTevi iOS version download on your iOS 15 versions running iPhone/iPad.

Currently Apple has been restricted all access to ZiniTevi on iDevices.

Therefore you may have been searching a way for several months.

Here we are going to provide you the official ways that you can follow to download and install ZiniTevi iOS version on your iPhone/iPad.

Where we must mention that you are currently out of options except your device Jailbreak.

If you are following a jailbreak method and going to use Cydia , you can download ZiniTevi iOS indeed.

But try to do other alternative ways that official site provide on users.

ZiniTevi iOS Download Method 01

First you should know about the requirements that you need for this method.

Where we would like to name this method as AltServer.

First download the AltServer on your Windows/MacOS.

Then install this application on your iPhone/iPad.

Now download the ZiniTevi IPA file on your PC.

Then you can install this ZiniTevi iOS version on your iPhone/iPad.

But most sensitive problem is, that Apple app store doesn’t provide AltServer .

Apple has been restricted this access unfortunately.

If you know another way to download AltServer on your iDevice, please share your knowledge with others.

ZiniTevi iOS Download Method 02

Where we must mention that this is not an official way.

But ZiniTevi official website also has mentioned about this stratergy.

But we know Apple never accept this way indeed.

iOS jailbreak is the second method that you can follow to download ZiniTevi iOS.

Currently you have most trusted and success way is the Cydia.

So we suggest you to jailbreak first your device and then follow our guides to do this.

Can ZiniTevi iOS Download With QR Code scan

As we previously mentioned you can’t reach to ZiniTevi iOS version right now with any method except iOS jailbreak.

But we sure that ZiniTevi team will give you an opportunity in near future with a different way.

ZiniTevi APK Download

ZiniTevi APK Version is working properly.

You can download and use APK version clearly.

So just wait patiently and you will be the luckiest person with ZiniTevi iOS indeed.


Currently ZiniTevi iOS version you can’t download and install without jailbreak your device.

So iOS jailbreak is the only solution that you can follow to download ZiniTevi iOS.

Other all methods have been restricted by Apple due to unknown reason.

But we sure that in the near future it will be fixed for you guys.